What you see is what you get!

021 Locations is a well-known, professional and reputable stills and film location agency business that has been in establishment since 2011. We currently represent a fair-sized location portfolio that covers a good variety of stills and film locations in Cape Town and the greater western cape. Our locations are appropriately priced, and each offer unique and specific qualities to the production industry.

We market these locations to the local, and international ,photographic and film industry and our mission is to support this exciting and exhilarating industry’s needs through facilitation of our locations. We believe in our locations and in  021Locations providing a friendly, professional, comprehensive service, to our respective clients and location owners.

As a well-respected agency, our level of service is something that we feel very passionate about. We continuously strive to offer clearly communicated processes and procedures, enabling us to meet both client and location owners’ expectations and requirements. We ALWAYS try and go beyond what is expected from us. At the same time our “hands-on” approach is unprecedented.

It is our intention to be the “go-to“  boutique location agency in Cape Town.

Our motto : dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with good people ;-)


021 Locations

Director: Lisa H Martin

Lisa has over 20 years’ experience in the production industry, specifically focusing on locations. She has a quirky sense of humour, and still, after all these years, passionately enjoys what she does. (And it shows! )Lisa loves to get challenging location  briefs in, and with her "elephant memory" is extremely capable of  assisting scouts, producers and clients to source their "perfect" location. Lisa’s personal approach, being warm hearted and friendly  is a guarantee. She takes extra special care of her production clients, always facilitating fair and objective rate negotiations and managing the film industry’s location expectations and requests as calmly and professionally as can be.  Lisa has built up an extensive database of location contacts over the years and is always willing and able to share her expertise and experience with anyone that asks!